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Not enough time to plan?
Kick start your next initiative with a strategy-121

It was General Eisenhower who said, "Plans are worthless, but planning is everything."

Whatever your commercial challenge, it is only when you take the time to understand it that you become equipped to resolve it. The strategy-121 was designed to help bring clarity to your ambition.

A strategic review costs from just £121 and condenses 12 months thinking into just 12 hours!

Stragic review helping you when you are too busy too think

What will your strategy-121 provide?

The review is devised to be a short but vigorous process that reviews your commerical assets and recommends how they should be developed to achieve your goals. Once complete, you will receive a highly customised working document detailing:

Business goals - by focusing on some key questions about your business mission and how it has reached its current position, we can determine your main priorities.

Commercial audit - once we have determined your key objectives, we will assess your commercial assets to ensure you have the tools you need to deliver what is expected of them.

Commercial plan - from marketing resources to sales capabilities, we will produce a working blueprint of opportunities that you can use to schedule your resource, drive performance and help you to meet your targets.

You often get a better perspective when you take a step back

The importance of strategy

Whatever the size of your business, self awareness and direction are the ingredients that keep your organisation moving forwards.

Strategy is the articulation of movement that focuses the collective attention between people and enables effort to achieve its full potential.

  • strategy gives you a helicopter view of your organisation so you know where to apply resource
  • strategy communicates priorities and faciliates performance within your teams
  • strategy provides resilience and commitment in the persuit of the things that really matter to you

In short, strategy allows you to perfect the tasks and activities that your business really needs in order to grow.

Creating the right strategy through structure and design

The anatomy of a strategy

The model for building strategy is a tried and tested process. It sequentially determines what priorites must be met to succeed.

  1. Situation analysis - to define the business status and goals
  2. Commercial audit - to identify your commerciual strengths and assets
  3. Strategic direction - to determine how to attract and retain the right customers
  4. Tactical planning - to detail business tasks, actions and benchmarks
  5. Resource inventory - to define the methods and resources you will need.

Most businesses have the knowledge they need. By extracting that knowledge methodically, we can use it to create value.

Book your Strategy121 for £121!

Your strategy-121 process

The strategic review and recommendations process consists of:

  • First you complete a written questionnaire
  • Then, an exploratory call or meeting
  • You will then receive a set of reports within 7 days
  • Finally, a 30 minute call to talk through results

There are three basic options. Please get in touch if you require a tailored solution.

  • Business initiative or campaign review - from £121
  • Commercial strategy review - from £500
  • Commercial or marketing strategic development - POA
feedback and testimonials

Referrals and testimonials

Eric Man, Marketing Director, Jun 2019
“a strategy session with Alastair was just what I needed to kick start my business. I am very happy with his recomendations”

Lucy Arnold, CEO, May 2019
“we needed some help planning a product launch and this was a really useful tool for working out how to move forwards”

Ted Collgate, Managing Director, May 2019
“as a sales business, I had never really thought of marketing as a function but this was an excellent place to start from”

Charlie Steed, Marketing Director, Jan 2019
“I needed to reorganise the marketing department and Alastair's input helped us to document our main priorities. Great stuff!”

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